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Is Your Freezer Full? Fill up on Grassfed Lamb!

A whole lamb may not fill a freezer but will be a great addition to everything else going on in there. Share with a friend if the quantity feels like too much, so you'll both get the savings of buying whole!

Our grassfed lamb is from our robust and healthy herd of Katahdin sheep. Why Katahdins? Hair sheep aren't the fastest growing but require significantly less handling, care, tail-docking, shearing, medications (dewormers), etc AND they have milder tasting meat than their woolly relatives. Our grazing livestock help eradicate invasives in our woods, fertilize our acres of asparagus, and contribute to our regenerative agriculture goals, while keeping us off the mower. We even sold our big tractor last fall- thank you, sheepies!

Katahdins won our hearts when we visited a breeder and a ewe named Button came right up to us for head scratches. Katahdins are known to be adept mothers and have superior parasite resistance. Our lambs have receive no vaccines, dewormers, antibiotics, etc - just green pasture, browse and hay in the winter. If parasites are rearing, we boost our herd with a formula of herbs, garlic, or put them under the black walnuts. They know what to do. Rotationally grazing, minding rains and pasture resting periods all help us manage naturally. We also keep only the best for breeding to improve herd success.

Our processor is Pinn Oak in Delavan. This multi-generation family business has earned our trust with their friendliness and skill. You can pick up your meat there, or here at our farm in Cottage Grove (same day preferred, or $1/day freezer fee, as our space is limited). We're still sorting out details; some lambs will go in Nov 2 and some the first week in Feb. Processing takes two weeks.

Orders are due by October 26 and the cost is as follows:

- 1 lamb is $7/lb hanging weight (+/- 40lb)

- $140 processor's butcher fee

- additional butcher fees based on your cut sheet selections. (Pinn Oak offers gyro for $4/lb, but I think that's the only upcharge option)

Nonrefundable deposits are $100, payable by check or Venmo, but do let me know ASAP if you are interested in buying as lambs are limited and are first come, first served. We'll need your cut sheets Nov 1. When you pay your deposit, we'll send you a document with advice on how to get the most out of your whole lamb on the cut sheet.


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