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sheep and goats

Katahdin sheep

We started with the best genetics. Our herd of pastured Kathadin sheep thrive on clover and browse-rich pastures. While the sheep nibble and roam, they also fertilize our asparagus fields. They are a friendly and content herd, bred for robust immunity and ability to thrive on pasture.


Lambing in early May allows us to take advantage of milder weather and greener pastures. It's such a demanding but fun time of year on our farm. All those babies romping in the clover and napping in the sun make it all worthwhile. 

Our lambs grow big and healthy on their dam's milk and grazing, growing to 80+ pounds by late fall. The flock loves  hunkering in the woods filled with garlic mustard, honeysuckle and white pine on hot days. Our heavily pregnant ewes get a daily handful of organic wheat, barley and alfalfa in the last weeks of gestation to meet their nutrition needs.


We seldom sell breeding stock but do consider it, most likely an especially fantastic weaned ram lamb or a small starter flock of ewe lambs.

Nigerians & 

Mini-Nubian goats

Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Nubian goats are a joy to raise! We keep our herd small and registered, breeding for friendliness, ease of care and excellent homestead milkers. And polled! We are currently breeding polled goats. Get on a reservation list for kids or subscribe to our blog to learn about kiddings.


We will continue updating this section with goat details through the winter. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions.

 rare breed chickens

We often have just enough eggs to sell alongside spring asparagus. The chickens are pastured and free ranging, organic (certified) fed and yolks are rich orange. David has created a soy-free, whole grain feed blend that we ferment daily. We enjoy breeding and hatching our Russian Orloffs and Light Sussex. Inquire if you are interested in hatching eggs or chicks.

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