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Happy, Healthy Lamb Products: Whole Grassfed Lamb, Cozy Sheepskins, Lamb Vindaloo Cured Sausage

It's time! We have whole grass-fed, grass-finished lamb for sale! We have fewer than half of our 15 lambs left. Let us know- real quick- if you are interested in reserving lamb. Order by Dec 1 and your cost is $6.50/lb hanging weight (about 40-50lb) plus $140 for the processor's fee. After Dec 1, the price is $7/lb + $140. Nonrefundable deposits are $200, payable by check or Venmo. We hope to pick it up Dec 17, but it could be as late as Dec 21 (12/17 is likely). We will pick up orders from Delavan for you, then you can pick up your order from our farm the same evening, or pay a daily freezer fee.

This year's lambs look fantastic! Because of our rotational grazing and health-supporting supplements, we have not had to administer any antibiotics, dewormers, etc to any of our livestock (woohoo!), and, as always, they are raised on grass and browse only. Our sheep are robust and resilient because of excellent genetics and shepherding- we're working with nature!

We are VERY happy to be working with a trusted processor this year, Pinn-Oak Ridge Farm out of Delavan. They only work with sheep and goats so they really have their process down and do a great job with butchering, labeling and packaging for home use. After a pandemic-induced panic in the meat industry last year, processors scheduling years in advance, and years of dealing with processors that close for deer season (when farmers need them most), this is a great and reliable choice for us and our customers. There are fewer sausage options from Pinn-Oak but we are exploring possibilities to provide add-ons; I'll let buyers of whole lambs know if we are able to coordinate that.

Let us know if you have questions. or 608.421.0648

also available

LAMB VINDALOO Cured sausage with just a little spice, prepared by Underground Meats, each stick is $12.00, 10% off on purchases of 6 or more.

new this year

SHEEPSKINS Professionally tanned in Milwaukee, colors are natural creamy white, caramel and cocoa browns, and mixed. These can be cozy chair or car seat liners, beds for babies, pets or yourself, rugs, shoe inserts, slippers, etc. We snuggle up on them year round on desk chairs and our favorite sitting spots around the house, and sink our feet into them next to our beds. Prices are $120- $180, depending on size, quality and softness. There may be some cuts in the hide (usually just near the top) but we leave as much of the hide intact as possible. Katahdin are hair sheep, so these are warm and plush but may not be as long nor as prone to matting like other sheepskins. Photos are available so you can handpick- they really vary a lot. These are not returnable.


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