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Farm Fridge is up and running!

On our farm, we appreciate a slow spring start. It helps our livestock's rumens adjust to a more gradual change in diet, it delays fruiting trees and shrubs from getting hit by a killing frost and decimating harvests, and it means we are less likely to have asparagus coming up early.

When soil temperatures increase the spears start popping. We all look forward to that! Unfortunately, when it warms early, we are more likely to have killing frosts. Those are sad days because all of those little spears above ground freeze and have to be cut back and dropped instead of sold, steamed, grilled, pickled or fried into asparagus pakora!

Finally, we're ready to harvest! We stock our farm fridge through opening day in May and June (generally). We have bundles of asparagus, rhubarb, and eggs, each $5. bags of asparagus are $20. If you want a special order just reach out and we'll make it happen.


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