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You've made it to the nitty gritty ordering details!

We alleviate many questions and confusion by providing TWO cutsheets for you to choose from. Cutsheets can be intimidating for the consumer, full of new decisions. Plus, it's truly difficult to make a really coherent sheet for laypeople unfamiliar with butchery. We want this to be an amenable process for us, for you, and the butcher. 


A note on nose to tail... we strongly encourage you to follow our guidance on this. By adding the organ meats (offal) to your grind options you are mega-boosting nutrients and minerals AND getting a couple of pounds more back in meat. Any difference in flavor or texture are indiscernible. It's a good ethical choice, a nutritious choice, and you've likely eaten it this way many times before- you are just making the more transparent choice now. Nose to tail really means a lot more than adding some organ meats to grind, but it's an easy and achievable step. 

Things you should know:

  • you may amend the cutsheets

  • on the cutsheet "(2)" means you have two selections in this category

  • loin sections can be hard to understand and explain concisely, our Sheet A and Sheet B offer great options 

  • bones will be bundled together in 1-3 packs 

  • use raw bones for pets or roast them and make stock, skimming fat away if you prefer

  • everything is cryovac'd and labeled

  • all sausage mixes are free of additives such as corn syrup solids, msg, etc- just herbs and spices!

  • the cured sausage requires a nitrate salt cure, other sausage is free of nitrates

  • we've lowered sausage prices to wholesale for whole lamb customers only, due to butchers' standard/necessary sausage minimums, these are not commonly available on a whole lamb purchase. Lucky you!

Choose this for singles/couples, splitting orders, smaller cuts in smaller packages , more trim and hence more ground lamb.



Choose this for larger cuts and roasts, bigger families or meals, slow roasting or bbq/smoking, more bulk in a package.


Please mail us your non-refundable reservation fee of $200 and submit your cutsheet preference by Dec 10. We'll do the rest and let you know when your order is ready. The remainder is due at pickup (or before delivery). To initiate an order or ask questions, contact Molly at

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