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Reserve whole grassfed lamb now- and mutton sausages!

The rush of harvest is behind us as we mellow into late fall, with more fires in the stove and buttoning up the farm in preparation for a snowy winter (fingers crossed). It's time- get whole grassfed lamb for $7/lb hanging weight (about 50 pounds), then get wholesale pricing on our sausages! Lamb harvest is scheduled for mid-December with your cuts available before Christmas.

We all know 2020 is crazy- even at the meat processors! Processors are scheduling for 2022 because they are overwhelmed and quality meats are in demand; we anticipate these going rather fast. We'll update here when sold out.

A nonrefundable deposit of $200 is due with your reservation, payable by check in the mail with cutsheets due Dec 10. The remainder is due at pickup on our farm in Cottage Grove. We offer our customers two suggested cutsheets to choose from. We expect to offer delivery for a small fee.

This year we have delicious and unique add-on mutton sausage options at a reduced price for our bulk/whole lamb customers only! You focus on roasts, chops, ground and steaks on your whole lamb then add-on the sausage- classic merguez, vindaloo cured sausage, sliced gyro loaf, and breakfast sausage! We're pretty excited about this because they are delicious and great to have in your freezer but also because sausage options are really limited on whole lamb orders due to standard minimums not reached with a whole lamb. If you want sausage only, ask for retail pricing and availability in January, although we don’t anticipate much.


  1. Ask questions. Let us know.

  2. Send a check to Little Heathens Farm.

  3. Submit a cutsheet with your check or via email by Dec 10. View cutsheets here.

  4. Wait for notification that your order is ready for pickup (or delivery).

Thanks for supporting our farm!


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